Unlocking True Potential: How to Maximize Student Growth with Renaissance Star AssessmentsTM

View the recording of the October 2015 free webinar to explore how Renaissance Star Assessments support you in maximizing student growth.

Specific topics include:

  • How to quickly divide classes into instructional groups
  • Effective ways to access instructional planning information for groups or individuals
  • How to identify the most essential skills for targeted instruction
  • How Star assessments are tailored to your state's specific learning standards
  • How to access more than 20,000 instructional resources tied to skills in Star, including performance tasks and items targeting deeper Depth of Knowledge (DOK) levels
  • Head-Gene-Kerns-240x300.pngPresenter: Dr. Gene Kerns
    Dr. Gene Kerns is Vice President and Chief Academic Officer at Renaissance Learning and a nationally acclaimed speaker on learning progressions, K12 assessments, and standards in the US and UK.