Star ReadingAccelerated Reader作为世界领先的英语学习产品,为教育者及学生提供最佳支持,有效让学生快速成长,达到学习目标

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 Renaissance Product Guide:

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Accelerated Reader: The world's most popular English reading management software, providing data-driven, personalized reading practice to help every student become a flourishing reader. 

Why Accelerated Reader?

  • Engaging students. With more than 200,000 quizzes to choose from, kids are sure to find books they'll love.  
  • Motivating practice. Set personalized, manageable reading targets for every student.
  • Impacting growth. 180+ peer-reviewed articles, independent evaluations, and studies show proven results.

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Star Reading: The world's leading English assessment programme. Delivering extensive, reliable screening, progress monitoring, and student growth data you need to make informed decisions. Guide greater student growth as you lead students towards reading excellence.

Why Star Reading?

  • Guaranteed time saving. No marking required. Screen an entire class in 20 minutes. 
  • Personalised assessment. One test, one scale. Personalised for every student, from ages 6 up to 18 years. 
  • Accurate placement. Understand progression. Know exactly if students are making expected progress & year group expectations. 

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Star Early Literacy: Guide your youngest students toward mastery of the early English literacy skills directly related to their future success as readers. Star Early Literacy measures students' vocabulary, phonics, language and numeracy skills, monitors achievement and growth, and tracks understanding of literacy concepts. 

Why Star Early Literacy?

  • Student support. Assessments with built-in graphics and audio support as they assess
  • Teaching insight. Gain immediate insight with more time to teach.  
  • Accurate placement. Get an accurate measure of skils so teachers can target instruction to improve outcomes.



In essence, Accelerated Reader is simple...

Read a book   Take the quiz    Instant feedback

“Accelerated Reader has proved to be an invaluable tool to motivate our students to foster a love for reading whilst ensuring that comprehension skills are regularly assessed and monitored by students and staff”

Vicky Martin, Vice Principal
GEMS Royal Dubai


Quick, extensive and personalised data...

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20 minutes  Computer-adaptive  Instant reporting

"The combination of robust assessment data and a collaboratie process that emphasizes student learning has helped drive rapid, dramatic gains in student achievement."

Dr. Jilyn Chandler
Data and Assessment Administrator
Helena Public Schools, USA.

Set every student on a path to reading excellence...

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"The data produced by Star is superb. The tests are child friendly and doesn’t last too long. The big bonus for teachers is the information on where the children performed best and which areas needed further improvement. This information was taken on board and fed into planners."

Leo McCloskey
Vice Principal, UK.

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