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Hello Ankhe,

Star Spanish™ will soon be available! For each of the Star assessments you own in English, you now have access to the Spanish version(s), which will automatically appear on your Renaissance Place home page. Renaissance Star Reading® Spanish and Renaissance Star Math® Spanish are available for grades 1–8, and Renaissance Star Early Literacy® Spanish is available for grades K–3.

Star Spanish is designed to assess non-native English speakers to help identify a student’s performance in his/her native language. This data can then be compared to his/her performance in English to inform instruction and help students become college and career ready.

The English versions and the new Spanish versions of the Star assessments assess the same skills and content when appropriate. English language skills that do not exist in Spanish have been excluded.

Teachers will find Star Spanish data in the Reading and Math dashboards under Monitor Student Mastery and Review Student Results.

Scores on these reports include:

  • Scaled Scores for Spanish (English Scaled Scores will be available in mid-October for these reports)
  • Domain Scores for Spanish (English Domain Scores will be available in mid-October for these reports)

Please note:

  • English Scaled Scores and Domain scores will be available in the reports mentioned above in mid-October providing a side-by-side comparison of data. Domain score comparisons from the two assessments will help teachers determine whether a student has knowledge in Spanish that he/she cannot yet express in English.
  • Star Reading and Star Reading Spanish will report the same domains.
  • Star Early Literacy and Star Early Literacy Spanish will report the same domains except Numbers and Operations.
  • Star Math and Star Math Spanish will report the same domains.

Star Spanish assessments will not be normed upon release. Therefore, scores such as Percentile Rank (PR), Normal Curve Equivalent (NCE), Grade Equivalent (GE), and Student Growth Percentile (SGP) will not be reported at this time. Instructional Reading Level (IRL), a criterion-referenced score, will also not be reported at this time.

Norming is expected once sufficient data has been collected. We will provide you with more information as it becomes available.
Included below are some helpful resources to get you started:

Additional information related to testing procedures for all Star assessments can be found in the Help files (question mark icon) located in the upper right corner of your Renaissance Place Home page.

If you have any questions, reach out to us via live chat, email (, or phone (800-338-4204).


Joe Bain
Director of Customer Support
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