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Discover the Ultimate Bundle to achieve Accelerated Reading Growth. 

Guide students to greater reading growth with assessments that are fast, accurate, and easy to administer.

Star Reading, a computer-adaptive assessment for grades K-12, identifies which skills and sub-skills your students know, and which skills they are ready to work on next.

Maximise instruction and practice with specific insights to guide students on the optimal path to reading proficiency.

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Renaissance Accelerated Reader provides data-driven, personalised reading practice to help every student become a flourishing reader, ready to succeed at university and in their future career. 

A student reads a book, takes an online quiz, and gets immediate feedback. Students respond to regular feedback and are motivated to make progress with their reading skills.

Supporting students and teachers every step of the way.

With the Renaissance Reading Bundle your school will start the journey to accelerated reading growth with all the support and information to truly see results.

Teachers receive immediate test results and detailed class performance reports from Star Reading, meaning they have key insights to guide planning and instruction for students of all ability levels.

Students will love tracking progress toward individual targets after quizzing on Accelerated Reader, they can go through results with their teacher, and keep their parents involved at every stage of their journey. 

The Reading Bundle driven by Research.

Did you know that the Renaissance Reading Bundle is one of the most heavily researched programmes in the world?

Valuable insight and results from studies conducted by global experts influence and prove the programmes effectiveness in accelerating reading growth for students.  The proof is in the research, here are just a couple of findings... 

Fact: Students using Accelerated Reader can achieve up to 5 additional months reading growth over a 22 week period.

Fact: Students using Accelerated Reader are nearly twice as likely to be College and Career ready.

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