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Renaissance Star 360® reading, math, and early literacy assessments provide all the achievement and growth data you need in the least amount of testing time. Boost growth with screening, progress monitoring, and state-specific learning progressions to guide your instruction. Teachers in over one-third of U.S. schools depend on Star 360 for reliable, valid data.

Renaissance Accelerated Reader 360® engages K12 students in independent and close-reading practice. Students choose their independent reading books and take short reading comprehension quizzes. They also complete close-reading activities built into nonfiction articles. Students work toward personalized reading goals and grow!

Renaissance Accelerated Math® provides deep math practice at the unique levels students need to grow—from foundational skills to grade-level standards. Students build incremental confidence. Once students feel confident, they open up to mathematical discourse in the classroom and productive struggle in their practice, enriching their math experiences.
Renaissance data-driven insights help teachers provide the right instruction at the right time.
Learn more about Learnalytics, the data engine inside every Renaissance solution.

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