As an educator, you want to empower students with knowledge and skills for success. Learning data is key to helping students maximize their talents and abilities so they’re prepared for college, career, and life.

In this session, you’ll see how Star 360 assessments provide the data you need to support student success across your district. You’ll also discover how Star 360 helps you:

  • Accurately benchmark student performance
  • Target the precise skills students are ready to learn
  • Choose the right resources to support instruction
  • Monitor student progress and forecast performance on your state test

Plus, you’ll see how Star 360 assessments in both Spanish and English help you ensure English Learners build a strong foundation for future success.

Join the live event to participate in the product Q&A session.


Louise Hansen

Louise Hansen is Product Marketing Manager for Renaissance Star 360. She worked in K–12 education for 15 years, and formerly served as a trainer and data coach at Renaissance.