Straight Talk: Effective Practices to Support
Students with Dyslexia

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49 states have passed dyslexia legislation that mandates screening, intervention, or teacher training. While the spotlight on dyslexia has grown, so have misconceptions and myths about how to support students who struggle to read.

Watch this webinar for an in-depth discussion about what the research says—along with strategies for choosing an evidence-based approach that supports reading success for all students.

Topics include:
  • The complicated history of the term “dyslexia” in the field of education
  • How the research informs what to teach as well as how to teach students with dyslexia
  • Tips for becoming a smart consumer of assistive tools for students with dyslexia
  • Best practices for effective dyslexia screening, progress monitoring, and multi-tiered instruction that incorporates the Science of Reading


Michelle HospDr. Michelle Hosp
Director of Foundational Literacy

Michelle Hosp has over 25 years of experience working directly with students, educators, families, and researchers as a school psychologist, professor, Director of the Iowa Reading Research Center, and Director of Foundational Literacy at Renaissance. She is the creator of the Star Phonics assessment and co-author of the book The ABCs of CBM: A Practical Guide to Curriculum-Based Measurement.

Rachel Brown

Dr. Rachel Brown
Senior Research Consultant

Rachel Brown earned her PhD in school psychology and special education at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. She joined FastBridge, now part of Renaissance, in 2015, where she currently serves as a senior research consultant. Dr. Brown is also Professor of Educational and School Psychology Emerita at the University of Southern Maine. Her research focuses on effective reading instruction and assessment within a multi-tiered system of support.