Strategies for Elevating Purposeful Reading Practice in Tier 1

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Students today have greater access to text than at any point in human history. Yet data consistently shows that many K–12 students are reading less than ever.

What lies behind this troubling trend? And what can we do to address it? The first step lies in strengthening daily practice to ensure students can make the most of every minute spent on reading.

Watch this webinar for strategies that schools and districts can incorporate into whole group instruction to better engage students in purposeful, high-impact practice. You’ll understand:

  • How to cut through the distractions in order to capture students’ interest in reading
  • How to identify culturally relevant texts—and why these texts are essential for reversing the decline in reading time
  • How to best use technology to engage students and foster stronger literacy skills
  • How a strong Tier 1 can reduce the number of students needing Tier 2 and 3 reading supports


Dr. Gene Kerns Dr. Gene Kerns
Chief Academic Officer, Renaissance

Gene Kerns, EdD, is Chief Academic Officer at Renaissance and a nationally acclaimed speaker on literacy, learning progressions, and educational standards. He is the co-author of three books, including Literacy Reframed: How a Focus on Decoding, Vocabulary, and Background Knowledge Improves Reading Comprehension.

Dr. Chastity McFarlan-HudsonDr. Chastity McFarlan-Hudson
Director of Content Quality and DEI, Renaissance

Chastity McFarlan-Hudson, PhD, leads Renaissance’s product inclusion efforts, working across teams to ensure content is appropriate, inclusive, and representative of the students we serve. Prior to joining Renaissance, Dr. McFarlan-Hudson provided technical assistance to charter school authorizers across the country and evaluated academic programs of charter schools across New York state. She earned her PhD in Developmental Psychology from Howard University.

Chris PayneChris Payne
Senior Manager of Audio Production, Renaissance

Chris Payne is Senior Manager of Audio Production at Renaissance, focusing on Nearpod and Flocabulary. Chris is a fervid creative who is inspired by how the arts and storytelling can improve communities. He also creates and composes his own personal music in his spare time.