Strengthening Social-Emotional Behavior Supports
for All Students

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While the majority of educators report that social-emotional learning is occurring in their classrooms, less than half say SEL is implemented on a school-wide basis. For SEL to have the greatest impact, a systemic approach to implementation that aligns district policies, resources, and practices is needed.

Watch this webinar for guidance on building capacity to implement a robust SEL program that serves the needs of all students and educators. You’ll learn:

  • Strategies for implementing social-emotional behavior (SEB) supports in all tiers of a multi-tiered system of supports (MTSS)
  • How to utilize SEB assessment data to ensure strong outcomes for all students and support continuous improvement
  • Steps for designing professional learning that helps all educators develop the skills and capacity necessary for implementation


Stephen KilgusStephen Kilgus, Ph.D.
Professor of School Psychology, University of Wisconsin–Madison

Dr. Kilgus’ research primarily relates to social-emotional and behavioral assessment. His work has resulted in the development of evidence-based assessment procedures, as well as the validation of tools for universal screening, problem analysis, and progress monitoring. He has authored and contributed to the development of a number of assessments, including the SAEBRS screener and Direct Behavior Ratings (DBRs) from Renaissance.

Nathaniel von der Embse

Nathaniel von der Embse, Ph.D.
Professor of School Psychology, University of South Florida

Dr. von der Embse serves as an associate editor for the Journal of School Psychology, and his research interests include universal screening for behavioral and mental health, teacher stress and student test anxiety, and training educators in population-based mental health services. He is one of the authors of the SAEBRS screener and Direct Behavior Ratings (DBRs) from Renaissance.